New Jarocol® Basic Dyes

New Jarocol® Basic Dyes

The Jarocol Basic Dyes are suitable for temporary and semi-permanent applications, in particular shampoo and conditioner products, due to their ability to colour hair in a short contact time.

Basic dyes are too large to penetrate the cuticle and therefore coat the surface of the hair to produce an effect lasting between 1-8 washes.

Due to their cationic nature, basic dyes show excellent affinity for hair but are not readily compatible with anionic surfactants or extreme alkaline pH. The Vivimed team can offer advice on how to overcome these formulation constraints. These products are applied without ammonia or peroxide and therefore cannot product results lighter than the original hair colour.

They can be used to add subtle nuances to enhance hair colour, especially when used as a refresher between applications of permanent colour, for masking yellowing grey hair or for vibrant fashion shades when applied to pre-bleached hair.

Always looking to innovate, Vivimed has developed formulations which combine the Jarocol Basic and Direct Dyes to successfully deliver exceptional colour coverage on as much as 90% grey hair.