Jarocol Oxidation Dyes

Jarocol® Oxidation Dyes

Jarocol Oxidation Dyes are suitable for permanent and demi-permanent hair colorants. Oxidation dyes are low molecular weight materials that pass through the cuticle into the hair shaft where they oxidise and combine to generate a larger coloured molecule, which remains inside the hair structure.

Oxidation dyes fall into two categories, primary intermediates (oxidation bases) and secondary intermediates (couplers). To generate colour, at least one of each type must be combined in the correct ratio with a suitable oxidant under alkaline conditions.

The application conditions determine the durability of the colour result. A permanent colour capable of lightening the hair’s natural pigmentation will typically contain ammonia and will be used with hydrogen peroxide.

A softer alkali may be used with a lower strength hydrogen peroxide, which can still provide a long lasting result but is unable to produce a colour lighter than the original hair colour.

Due to their ability to cover grey and give long lasting results, oxidation dyes are the most popular class of hair colorant. They provide the largest range of shades to suit many markets, including fashion, colour enhancement and grey coverage.

As the colour guide opposite shows, our full range of Jarocol hair dyes, together with our extensive colour matching and formulation experience, will allow you to develop shades to meet the ever-changing desires of your customers.