Imaging Chemicals


Vivimed is a major manufacturer of photographic chemicals used for areas of traditional photographic imaging technology such as medical and industrial X-ray imaging, consumer photography and litho-plate production for the graphic arts industry.

We provide a full range of black and white developers as well as antifog additives for image optimisation.

Black and White Developers
Primarily used as black and white developing agents. The main usage area is medical and industrial X-ray imaging, but also used in graphic arts as part of the litho-plate developing process, and of course traditional black and white photography.

Chemical Structure:  Chemical structure
Formula: C10H12N2O
Product Name: MPP [Code 7125]
Synonyms: Methyl phenidone
Phenidone Z
Phenidone B
EC Name: 4-Methyl-1-phenyl-3-pyrazolidone
CAS No: 2654-57-1
EINECS No: 220-180-6
Use: Developing agent, activator in developing solutions
Chemical Structure:  Chemical structure
Formula: C11H14N2O2
Product Name: HMP [Code 7078]
Synonyms: Dimezone S
EC Name: 4-Hydroxymethyl-4-methyl-1-phenyl-3-pyrazolidone
CAS No: 13047-13-7
EINECS No: 235-920-3
Use: Black and White Developing agent
Chemical Structure:  Chemical structure
Formula: C11H14N2O
Product Name: DPP [Code 7135]
Synonyms: Dimethyl phenidone
EC Name: 4,4-Dimethyl-1-phenyl-3-pyrazolidone
CAS No: 2654-58-2
EINECS No: 220-181-1
Use: Developing Agent

Antifogging agents
Used in both film and paper developing to prevent ‘fogging’ or blurring of the image by enhancing the image contrast boundaries, preventing bleed of silver halide crystals during exposure and development. Vivimed offers three antifogging agents for X-ray and traditional photo imagery, products are distinguished principally by tonal differences and variations in concentration levels.

Chemical Structure:  Chemical structure
Formula: C7H5N3O2
Product Name: 5-NI [Code 762]
Synonyms: 5-nitroindazole
CAS No: 5401-94-5
EINECS No: 226-451-5
Chemical Structure:  Chemical structure
Formula: C7H5N3O2
Product Name: 5-NBI [Code 756]
Synonyms: 5-nitrobenzimidazole base
CAS No: 94-52-0
EINECS No: 202-341-2